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We are the leading innovator of map based- job searching technologies. Try a new modern way to find a job using our platform. Allow us to connect you with nearby candidates immediately!

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How Pin a job helps you

Map Based Job Searching

Leading the industry with our improved map-based job search technologies; we have found the solution to create ease in finding your next hire. Try an easier way to post jobs and find your next employee!

Today, as a society, we are driven by convenience. That being kept in mind and using the tools at hand to visualize opportunities that are close to the place that we call home, creates major value.

Pin a job combines the idea of simple easy-to-use traditional job searching with map technologies to showcase your business for all nearby potential job candidates. Allow us to connect you with the perfect candidate immediately!

The Facts

For candidates that search online for information about prospective employers; 45% researched the jobs location.

In the same survey, when candidates where asked to select key factors important when considering a job offer, 68% where influenced by job location, this also correlates with top reasons why candidates seek new employment. (Source: Survey – Ceridian- The optimal requiring experience)

Be Seen

This is the place where quality meets exposure. With over 50,000+ potential job seekers in our extended network, you can rest assured knowing that your open position will be seen.

As business owners and former job seekers, the founders of Pin a Job have a real life understanding of the process on both ends of the spectrum. We take a modern approach to job searching and allow your job listing to have access to a wider audience of job seekers, instead of being tucked away deep in a list, as compared to traditional job boards, Pin a Job literally puts your job on the map!

Real jobs, real people, real near

Make legitimate connections with qualified candidates who are looking for their next career move! These are everyday people who are looking for the right job with the right company. With Pin a Job, you can reach out to candidates who impress you the most, who are qualified for the role, and who live near your company. No one likes a long commute!

Typically, candidates who live near their job tend to stick around longer as well, leading to overall higher retention rates. A longer commute to a job takes away from the candidates work life balance as well as their efficiency at work. Pin a Job has opened the virtual doors to help you find the perfect candidate for any role!

* Employer and job seeker numbers are based on social media outlets not site data.