About Us

Does it ever feel like looking for a job is one of the most complicated things to do? It takes forever as you send hundreds of applications and resumes to different companies in your area, and you barely get a response back! This is why in 2013 in Toledo, Ohio, Pin a Job was born. We have been in your shoes looking high and low for the next best career move and having a hard time finding options that were real and quick. After realizing we were not the only ones having this issue, we thought it was time to create a solution! Pin a Job is an online job database where you can search, connect, and apply for jobs with companies from all over using an incredible location based technology. While there are jobs of all types on the site, we focus on targeting everyday jobs for everyday people. Companies post new jobs daily allowing job seekers to constantly have updated searches available and even more opportunities. We wanted to make our job site as straight forward as possible to ensure both companies and job seekers felt it was easy to use, convenient, and works for their needs. Searching for your next career move can now have the convenience of staying “close to home”, and it is easier than ever. We take a modern approach to job searching and allow your job listing to have access to a wider audience of job seekers, instead of being tucked away deep in a list, as compared to traditional job boards, Pin a Job literally puts your job on the map!

With this location-based technology, we can provide job listings that are close to your location. What sets us apart from other sites? Employers are also able to leverage this technology to find qualified candidates near them. Whether you’re a job seeker or an employer, you can now have access to easy to use resources to find your perfect fit. With over 700+ employers and almost 3,000+ registered job seekers, we know you’ll soon find your match. Every day, we have more and more visitors with an increasing number of registrations, telling us that we have created a solution that works! If you are someone who is looking for a job or you are with a company that needs to hire, Pin a Job is the site that can help. Be sure to join us on social media as well where we post regular updates and job spotlights. Engage with us and tell us how the Pin a Job website has helped you in finding your next, big career move!

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